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Best digital strategies for lead generation in higher education

Today’s Gen-Z students spend most of their time consuming digital media, whether that...

高等教育营销 学生招录 By on Nov 13, 2020

How to Improve the Accessibility of Online Learning

The digital learning sector has grown dramatically over the last few years and the st...

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How do OPMs work? Online program management explained

Online Program Management Explained The Zoom classroom became the new normal earlier ...

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Hashtags for student recruitment


Content Marketing 高等教育营销 By on Oct 09, 2020

Higher education rankings: what can we learn from them?

Every year high school graduates face the huge decision of applying to universities b...

International News 国际学生招录 By on Oct 07, 2020

Introduction to Instagram Reels for Student Recruitment

Instagram now offers Reels, a new social media tool for engaging students. While it s...

高等教育营销 Social Media for Higher Education By on Sep 29, 2020